Efficiency - Low priority for funding

The aim of the Low Priority for Funding in NHS Wales initiative is to minimise the prescribing of items that offer a limited clinical benefit to patients, and where more cost-effective treatments may be available.

The first phase of the initiative was launched in 2017, with an additional two phases subsequently developed. This indicator will report on the spend per 1,000 patients for all items included in the initiative.

Low priority funding

The graph below illustrates spend per 1,000 patients on items in phase 1 and 2 of the low priority for funding initiative, and compares data from 2017-2018 with data from 2018-2019.

Spend per 1000 patients on the medicines identified as a low priority for funding by health boards in 2018–2019, compared to 2017–2018

Graph 19 Low Prioirty for funding

 Low priority funding key


How can changes be made?

  • Prescribers should consider the Low Priority for Funding initiative when deciding whether or not to prescribe any of the included items.
  • Changes to individual medication regimens should be in partnership with patients using a shared decision making model.




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