Treatments for relapse prevention

Non pharmacological treatments for relapse prevention

People with a history of three or more previous episodes of depression may benefit from mindfulness based cognitive therapy. MBCT is intended to help people become more aware of the feelings, thoughts and sensations associated with relapse. Via an eight week skills based training programme it aims to help prevent relapse. MBCT should normally be delivered in groups of eight to fifteen participants and consist of weekly two hour meetings over eight weeks and four follow up sessions in the following twelve months after treatment.

a) Be mindful 

Be mindful is a campaign by the Mental Health Foundation about Mindfulness meditation. This website directs people to mindfulness resources such as courses, further websites, literature and practitioners in their area.

b) Mindfulness 

The Centre for Mindfulness research and training is a self funding organisation based in the School of Psychology In Bangor University. The website gives more information for patients and professionals keen to learn about Mindfulness and the opportunity to sign up to Mindfulness training. The cost of the courses are between £200 for an 8 week evening course in Bangor to £800 for a residential retreat.

c) Mindfulness In Action 

Mindfulness in Action offers training sessions for patients and the interested professional. These are 8 week evening or weekend courses and are based in Cardiff.

According to NICE, patients with mild to moderate depression and subthreshold depressive symptoms should first be offered non pharmacological approaches to treatment. It is clear from their research that CBT is the treatment of choice for these patients. However, due to the lack of funding and availability of trained CBT therapists in Wales, the GP needs a resource pack to enable them to access alternatives. This article aims to fill the gap.



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