Posterior Pain

Posterior Pain 1

Posterior hip pain (see Table 4) is the least common pain pattern, and it usually suggests a source outside the hip joint. Posterior pain is typically referred from such disorders of the lumbar spine as degenerative disc disease, facet arthropathy, and spinal stenosis. Posterior hip pain is also caused by disorders of the sacroiliac joint, hip extensor and external rotator muscles, or, rarely, aortoiliac vascular occlusive disease.

Table 4: Posterior Pain Presentation and Findings
  Disorder Presentation and exam findings
Posterior pain Referred pain from lumbar spine History of low back pain
Pain reproduced with isolated lumbar flexion or extension
Radicular symptoms or history consistent with spinal stenosis
Sacroiliac joint dysfunction Controversial diagnosis
Posterior hip or buttocks pain usually in runners
Pelvic asymmetry found on exam
Hip extensor or rotator muscle strain History of overuse or acute injury
Pain with resisted muscle testing
Tender over gluteal muscles



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