What is an IPED?

IPED is acronym for Image and Performance Enhancing drugs. 

You may also hear PIEDs or PEDs being used routinely.

IPEDs are typically prescription only medicines, but not exclusively.  Encompassing scheduled drugs such as anabolic steroids, routine prescription medicines such as insulin, more unusual prescription drugs like human growth hormone, certain older drugs that have fallen out of clinical use such as Clenbuterol (a potent, broad based beta agonist, from the same family as salbutamol) and other substances illegal and/or toxic in nature such as amphetamines and di-nitrophenol.

In prior years, most IPEDs were anabolic steroids, which were, by modern day standards both weaker and were used in predominantly lower doses than that which has become more mainstream practice in recent years, with our clinic seeing increasingly dramatic doses and potency of the anabolic steroids used.

In addition to the growing and increasingly mainstream use of anabolic steroids settling into our gyms, the use of the associate substances has also been becoming increasingly common place. 


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