Glossary of Terms

Users may refer to generic or brand name for the IPEDs.  However, some common language is also typical: 

Anabolics/Gear/Roids/Juice/Stack – other names of IPEDs, usually anabolic steroids

Cycle / Cycling / Stacking / Pyramiding / Running -  IPEDs tend to be run in a “cycle”. To take a high suprapharmacological dose for a set period of weeks before having a break from IPEDs.  This is believed to be able to give the hypothalmic piuitary axis (HPA) “recovery”. (see PCT in next chapter 'Types and Forms'). 

Blast and Cruise – Taking a high dose cycle then and taking a lower, more physiological dose of testosterone in the “off-cycle” period in order to mitigate withdrawal side effects such as low mood, loss libido, erectile dysfunction (ED) and drop in athletic performance.  This means effectively lacking a break period from taking exogenous testosterone. 

Bulking – to gain weight.  Typically muscle mass

Clean Bulk/Bulking – to gain muscle mass, without any fat gain

Dirty Bulk/Bulking – to gain weight, ideally muscle, however fat gain is an acceptable side effect

Cutting – The process of reducing body fat, sometimes in preparation for a competition or specific event.  To look as lean as possible.




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