Signs of abnormality

Signs of abnormality include:

White patches (leucoplakia a potentially premalignant lesion)



White patches (squamous cell carcinoma)


Red patches (erosive lichen planus which developed into a squamous cell carcinoma)


Red patches – a squamous cell carcinoma


Ulceration which may be painless and present for longer than 2 weeks (after sources of irritation have been removed)

MC9 MC10

Abnormal shape and feel, asymmetry, firm lumpy lesions (with or without lymphadenopathy)

Lesions at suspicious sites e.g :
-on the side of the tongue 
-floor of mouth

image4 MC11

By Welleschik - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0. 

Lymphadenopathy - swelling of the tissues, asymmetry of the structures of the oral cavity (including the tonsils, the tongue or the lip)

Mouth cancer 3

By Luca Pastore, Maria Luisa Fiorella, Raffaele Fiorella, Lorenzo Lo Muzio -  CC BY 2.5 




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