Signs of abnormality

Signs of abnormality include:

White patches (leucoplakia a potentially premalignant lesion)

white lumps on tongue

white lumps under tongue

White patches (squamous cell carcinoma)

white lumps under tongue

Red patches (erosive lichen planus which developed into a squamous cell carcinoma)

cracked tongue with red blemish

Red patches – a squamous cell carcinoma

white spots at the back of mouth

Ulceration which may be painless and present for longer than 2 weeks (after sources of irritation have been removed)

white spots at the back of mouth and tongue white cancerous infected tongue

Abnormal shape and feel, asymmetry, firm lumpy lesions (with or without lymphadenopathy)

Lesions at suspicious sites e.g :
- on the side of the tongue 
- floor of mouth

white cancerous infected tongue white legions under tongue

By Welleschik - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0. 

Lymphadenopathy - swelling of the tissues, asymmetry of the structures of the oral cavity (including the tonsils, the tongue or the lip)

large brown growth on tongue

By Luca Pastore, Maria Luisa Fiorella, Raffaele Fiorella, Lorenzo Lo Muzio -  CC BY 2.5 




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