Smoking cessation test answers

Question 1 Marks: 1

Brief advice from a Physician results in what per cent of smokers still abstinent at six months or longer?

b) 5% Brief advice from a physician results in 5% of smokers still abstinent at six months or longer. Brief intervention is an effective and cost-effective population based approach and can be done by a range of healthcare professionals.

Question 2 Marks: 1

Compared to non-smokers, women who smoke during pregnancy have an increased risk of which of the following conditions?

All are correct

Question 3 Marks: 1 or 0.11 each

Nicotine replacement therapy can be prescribed to pregnant women.

Answer: True

BNF advises the following:

-Use only if smoking cessation without NRT fails.

-Intermittent NRT is preferable over patches but avoid liquorice-flavoured NRT products

-Patches may be useful in pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting

-If patches are used they should be removed before going to bed

Question 4 Marks: 1

Nicotine is absorbed fastest from which NRT product?

b) Nasal spray

Question 5 Marks: 1

Nicotine replacement therapy should not be prescribed to 12-18 year olds.

Answer: False

Question 6 Marks: 1

Which of the following benefits may be expected if a patient quits smoking before elective surgery?

All of the above or 0.5 for each

Question 7 Marks: 1

Which statement is the most accurate description of the Stop Smoking Wales service:

a) Stop Smoking Wales is a free NHS service for adult smokers who want to stop smoking

Question 8 Marks: 1

Stop Smoking Wales provides support for clients to stop smoking over how long?

7 Weeks

Question 9 Marks: 1

How many more times likely are you to stop smoking using an NHS stop smoking service than if you go it alone?