Application of EVE

Questions appraisers could use to at each level of the taxonomy

1. Remembering (knowledge)

Tell me about...

  • What do you remember from the meeting/event?
  • Select one thing from the meeting/event that was new for you.
  • Was there any new material/information here?
  • Can you recall what the new knowledge was?

2. Understanding (comprehension)

  • Do you have more confidence in this area / using the drug / this aspect of your work?
  • Do you consider yourself up to date in this role?
  • Are you more reassured that your practise is up to date / correct?
  • Could you now teach this?
  • Could you demonstrate this to someone else?
  • Could you summarise how this works in practice?
  • How does your current understanding compare to where you were before the course?

3. Applying

  • Have you started to apply this knowledge clinically?
  • How many patients benefitted from this?
  • How many times have you performed this procedure / prescribed this drug / used this technique?
  • Is this now part of your current practise?
  • How are you using this knowledge in your practice?
  • Have you implemented this procedure?
  • Have you (or how have you) changed your practise as a consequence?
  • Is this affecting the way you train others?
  • Do you prescribe / examine / investigate in different way as a result of this?
  • Is your record keeping different because of this?
  • How have you modified your practise as a result?

4. Analysing

  • How in your view does this new treatment compare to the old?
  • Have you encountered any problems with this change?
  • Do you think this is better for your patients?
  • Having made changes, how confident are you that patients are better off?
  • Do you envisage any problems with this change?
  • Can you be certain that this is an improvement?
  • Can you tell the difference in practice?
  • Could you outline the pros and cons of the new services?
  • Is this change open to criticism in any way?
  • What would the cynical doctor say about this?
  • What do patients / health care professionals / colleagues / secondary care doctors think? What do your patient questionnaires say? Have you asked patients what they think? have you asked the right group of their views?

5. Evaluating

  • Are you doing what you say you are and how do you know / how are you demonstrating this?
  • Are you able to demonstrate to others the vale of doing this?
  • Have you demonstrated that you are performing in this way?
  • Are you meeting guidelines? How are you demonstrating that you are meeting these guidelines?
  • How do you judge that this change is successful?
  • how are you showing that you critically analyse what you do?
  • Are you convinced that this is an improvement to your patients care?
  • How do you demonstrate the value of this intervention?
  • Can you show others that you are competent in this area?
  • What are the problems with the intervention in the practice? What could you do about this?
  • How would you justify this to others
  • Are you patients better off because of this?
  • Could this outcome have been achieved in any other way?
  • Are you happy that your terms of reference are valid - have you set the right standards - can you back these up?
  • So what?

6. Creating

  • How will you develop this in practice?
  • How could you take this further
  • In what way could you take this forward?
  • Are you interested in trying to improve this service in any way?
  • Is this piece of work complete - what else could you do with this learning?
  • Could you construct a protocol / guidance document for others to use?
  • Could this develop outside of the practice / service / hospital?
  • Could you share this with other doctors / practices?
  • Is this generalisable to other aspects of your work - learning style / format of learning / teaching style / something else that needs a similar approach / a service that needs looking at?
  • Do you need to share this with others in the practice / department / wider health care community
  • How will you integrate this into your current service provision?
  • How will you provide this service within your health service - does it need to train others?
  • Are there any adaption to your current practice that will need to be made to accommodate this?
  • Are there any potential problems with introducing this? Have you considered where it might go wrong? Can you predict any problems?



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