Vascular surgery

Surgical Procedure Recommended return to non-manual employment Recommended return to manual employment Other Advice

Unilateral varicose veins

Foam sclerotherapy

Open surgery


2-3 days

7-10 days


5 days

2-3 weeks

Early activity encouraged, so prolonged absence can be harmful

Bilateral varicose veins

7-14 days

2-4 weeks


Aortic aneurysm grafting open

2-6 months


Multiple morbidities likely to prolong recovery

Aortic aneurysm endovascular graft

5-14 days

2-4 weeks

US/CT scan annually. Multiple morbidities likely to prolong recovery

Aorto-iliac and bifemoral grafting

2-3 months

Longer, unlikely

Most patients having vascular reconstruction as a last resort, are near or post-retirement age and have multiple morbidities such as diabetes which prolong recovery times substantially

Femoro-popliteal bypass

4 weeks

12 weeks


Peripheral angioplasty with or without stenting

1-2 weeks

2-3 weeks


Carotid endarterectomy

2-5 weeks

4-8 weeks