GMC Supporting Information

Supporting material for appraisers/appraisees for a first appraisal following the pandemic



The GMC expects that each year Doctors will use supporting information to demonstrate that they are continuing to meet the principles and values set out in good medical practice. The guidance setting out the supporting information GPs need to provide at annual appraisal and the frequency with which it should be provided also gives further details on how the information can be used or discussed during appraisal. 

The supporting information GPs must bring to appraisal falls under four broad headings:


4 Areas Appraisal

Good medical practice is structured around four broad domains which describe the professional values and behaviours expected in any Doctor. Each domain has a number of attributes. Each Domain can be populated with appraisal evidence derived from elements such as; CPD, QIA, SEA, Feedback or Complaints and Compliments, as demonstrated below:




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