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CPD Example reflections


CPD Example reflection   - Domain one Knowledge skills and performance (Apply knowledge and experience to practice)

The most useful document I read during the early stages of the pandemic was that supplied by BMJ in the form of an info-graphic. This came out in early March when we were being bombarded with information. It was a really useful reminder of red flags and I think standardised our response in terms of how we were going to deal with suspected Covid patients. It was limited in its remote application but nevertheless calmed the nerves in the early days especially in trying to decide on the management of patients.

In the first part of  the pandemic doctors were bombarded with material from a varied number of sources and additionally, as needs were identified, many have searched for relevant online material from evidence based resources.


CPD Example reflection – Domain 2 Safety and quality (Respond to risks to safety)

I have never really done any remote consulting before other than telephone contacts, so the use of video was completely new to me. I had had a look at the you tube video promoted on eGPLearning. This at the time was promoting the Roth score which I used for a few patients but had to stop doing so after a few days as it became clear that it wasn’t a good enough tool to use. I think the score did help for those few patients, and matched my own clinical judgement from what I could see, and what I could measure remotely. It wasn’t used after I became aware of its limitations. 




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