In Wales significant events are regarded as learning opportunities that can inform development even though they might  not reach  the standard of severity that would meet the threshold for the GMC definition of significant events.


SEA Example reflection- Domain two Safety and quality (Respond to risks to safety)

Though we made attempts at social distancing it was clear that we had to review what we were doing when more than one of us acquired Covid during a short space of  time. Though there was little evidence to suggest that work had been the cause (as so many remained well) it certainly made us revamp the way we organised ourselves on a daily basis. Rooms were configured for admin staff and reception, break times altered and Perspex screens constructed in confined areas. Latterly all staff entering practice have to sign in at a station where symptoms and  temperature can be self-checked.  


SEA Example reflection- Domain Three Communication partnership and teamwork (working collaboratively with colleagues)

Though we thought we had organised ourselves well in terms of adjustments to the rota and an understanding of how things should operate, the  first time a suspected Covid patient arrived outside the practice, with no idea who they were seeing, created some problems. Process changes were subsequently introduced that were recorded in one place only (Docman Covid) rather than separately by email, meeting, WhatsApp message and word of mouth.

The major change being introduced was asking patients to wait in their cars in the carpark to be called in when the Doctor was ready. The setting up of a shared, clearly timed, face to face clinic template prevented the initial problem happening again.  



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