Recording the Virtual Appraisal on MARS

Following the appraisal discussion, when marking the appraisal as ‘meeting complete’ on MARS, you now have the option to indicate that it was a virtual appraisal and what platform/software was used.

Instructions to record the Virtual Appraisal on MARS

You will be prompted to record if your appraisal was a virtual one, when you mark the ‘Meeting Complete’ box.



This will then open a pop up box asking you to confirm the meeting date.


You need to confirm if the appraisal was conducted virtually. If you select yes then you need to choose which application package you used.


This information is carried over onto the Doctor’s appraisal summary.


We hope that this resource has been useful in highlighting best practice for undertaking virtual appraisals. If you have any further queries please contact your local appraisal and revalidation team or the RSU for advice.


To provide feedback on this module, please follow this link, you will be a taken to a short questionnaire which will take 5 minutes to complete.



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