When is it appropriate to have a virtual appraisal and what are the advantages?

Following the lockdown period appraisals will have a focus on well-being and support. Within the RSU we have been considering how best to support appraisal and revalidation moving forward, in what will be potentially a very different landscape post lockdown. Virtual appraisals, taking place over some form of video call, will be an option used by a larger number of doctors as appraisal recommences to maintain social distancing and reduce travel. The COVID-19 pandemic creates an urgent need to increase remote working across the health and care system to prevent the spread of the virus. A virtual appraisal is an appraisal meeting which takes place over a virtual platform or software and not conducted in a face-to-face environment. While it is impossible to fully recreate the rapport of a face to face appraisal, we hope this guidance will provide you with the confidence to reassure you when it is time for your appraisal.



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