This module has explored the history behind the Yellow Card scheme and the importance of pharmacovigilance.  You have read how reporting is low in Wales despite the significant impact of ADRs on morbidity and mortality.  You should now be familiar with the various ways you can report suspected ADRs and the ADRs MHRA is particularly interested in monitoring.  Our final slide in this module will look at ways to improve ADR reporting in your patient population.

Improving Yellow Card Reporting in your practice

To help increase Yellow Card reporting in your practice you may consider the following…

In consultation
When a patient mentions a side effect from a medication, think: is this is an unusual side effect?  Is this a vulnerable patient group? Is this a black triangle drug? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, consider sending a Yellow Card either through Vision or online/app
Educating your GP colleagues
How many Yellow Cards has your practice sent?  Has anyone in your practice sent one through Vision? If they haven’t, show them how to or advise them to download the app.
Tutorials with juniors
Consider discussing Yellow Card reporting in tutorials with your registrars and FY2s in the surgery.
Educating practice nurses
Many of the black triangle drugs are chronic disease medications (eg combination inhalers, diabetic medications, NOACs).  These conditions are often managed by practice nurses and patients will report ADRs to them rather than GPs.  Host a tutorial with them about Yellow Card reporting or recommend this module.
Encouraging self-reporting
Put up the patient posters in your surgery.  Consider downloading the patient information video to load onto your visual display screen.  Both videos and posters can be found through JayEx – Med-Extranet 
Audit ideas
  • Audit patients who have stopped taking NOACs in the last 2 years – are the reasons in the notes and if so have they been reported to Yellow Card scheme?
  • Audit “Drug Allergies/Reactions” recorded in the past 6 months – how many have been reported to the Yellow Card Scheme?
  • Audit patients who are on the newer (black triangle) inhalers or diabetic drugs and have reported side effects written in the notes.  How many have been reported formerly to the Yellow Card Scheme?




To provide feedback on this module, please follow this link, you will be a taken to a short questionnaire which will take 5 minutes to complete.



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