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We are now going to present some case study examples of conversations where the doctor is going to try to motivate their patient to get the influenza vaccination. The doctor will use some of the skills discussed in this module – you should try and identify them raising the issue, using open ended questions, reflective listening and being empathetic.

Case Study 1 – Llyr

Once you’ve read the script, consider:
How the doctor raised the issue
"Would you mind if I bring up one final issue today?"
How the doctor used open questions
"What are your thoughts about getting the vaccine this year?"
How the doctor used affirmations
"It sounds like you’d be much more open to considering getting a vaccination if you were less worried"
How the doctor used reflective listening
"Lucky, that’s good"
How the doctor remained empathetic
She didn’t say "I know what you mean"

Next we are going to look at another case study and you will be shown at which point the doctor employs the techniques covered in this document. Note that every statement the doctor makes is followed up with an open ended question, encouraging the patient to feel part of the decision making process.

Case Study 2 – Mary



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