Mouth cancer

Module created April 2017

Cancerous lumps on tongue

Cancers of the lip, tongue, oropharynx and the rest of the oral cavity (often grouped as mouth cancer) are on the rise. In Wales, there are around 300 new cases of mouth cancer diagnosed each year. Unfortunately, many of these cases (59%) are diagnosed at a late stage of disease at which point treatment is more invasive and the prognosis is poor. Early detection is paramount in the successful treatment of this condition and the purpose of this resource is to help with recognition and prompt treatment. 

This resource is suitable for GPs, community pharmacists, care workers, in fact anyone who may come in contact with a person complaining of oral symptoms.

This resource was co-authored by Dr Ilona Johnson Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Dental Public Health, and Dr Christopher Price Head of Revalidation Support Unit HEIW and a GP in Cwmbran, with thanks to Dr Mary Wilson and Professor Michael Lewis for contributing material to this resource.


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