Module created September 2020

At the end of this module you will be updated on the warning signs to look out for when identifying Sepsis, and be aware of the key tools to aid you with a diagnosis.

What is Sepsis?

Sepsis is the body’s reaction to an infection, or injury which is life threatening.  In response to the infection, the body’s immune system overreacts and starts to damage its own tissues and organs. 

Normally our immune system fights infection - but sometimes, for reasons we don't yet understand, it attacks our body's own organs and tissues. If not treated immediately, sepsis can result in organ failure and death. Sepsis is not contagious and is also known as septicaemia or blood poisoning.

Sepsis is life threatening and it can be hard to spot, the following information provides an overview of the numbers affected and the difficulty in diagnosing Sepsis.


 5 times Table showing how many deaths are caused by Sepsis every year      

Map of Wales

This module was developed in conjunction with Sepsis Trust UK.




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