Rapid Diagnosis Centre (RDC)

Rapid Diagnosis Centres (RDCs) provide a diagnostic route for patients with non-specific but concerning (vague) symptoms who do not fit into a standard Urgent Suspected Cancer (USC) pathway, because of the absence of clear ‘red flag’ symptoms.

Introduction to the Rapid Diagnosis Centres (RDCs)


Speakers: Dr Heather Wilkes, GP/National RDC Clinical Lead, Swansea Bay UHB/Wales Cancer Network

Recorded: April 2022 Duration: 4 minutes

RDCs will aim to deliver on an important previously unmet need for cancer patients in Wales by offering:

A single point of access to a diagnostic pathway for all patients with vague symptoms that could indicate cancer but with no site specific “red flags”.

Vague non-specific symptoms may include:

  • Unexplained laboratory test findings (eg. anaemia, hypercalcaemia)
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Severe unexplained fatigue
  • Persistent nausea or appetite loss
  • New atypical pain (eg. diffuse abdominal pain or bone pain)

The outcome is a personalised, accurate, and rapid diagnosis of patients’ symptoms and onward reassurance and co-produced management plan.

This series of webinars have been held to delve deeper into vague symptoms, how/where to start with targeted investigations, along with further investigations in a Vague Symptom RDC and when to refer on to specific specialties. 


RDC - Rheumatology

Overview: The roll out of Rapid Diagnosis Centres for patients with vague symptoms where the GP has the ‘gut feeling’ that these patients may have a cancer, is in full force across Wales. The RDC at Swansea Bay is one of two original sites and has been open for almost five years. During this time, the clinic has had a consistent 10% cancer conversion rate as well as other significant non-cancer diagnoses. A sub-set of these diagnoses can be classed as rheumatological in nature.

Learning outcomes: We explore the following areas:

  • The nature of rheumatological conditions that have been seen in the SBUHB RDC
  • Mimics of rheumatological conditions
  • The diagnostic approach to these conditions
  • My experience of working in an RDC



Speaker: Dr Martin Bevan, Consultant in RheumatologySBUHB.

Facilitated by: Dr Nimish Shah, GP CPD Lead

Recorded: May 2022 Duration: 37 minutes


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