Substance Misuse and Other Vulnerabilities

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Homelessness and Health

Overview: Homelessness across Wales is increasing rapidly. People experiencing homelessness can suffer a complex combination of physical ill health, mental ill health and substance use disorders that, together, create a complexity of health need that can pose a challenge to professionals. Compassionate and effective care is vital and we can make a difference to these vulnerable patients. 

Learning outcomes: In this recorded webinar we: 

  • Summarise the reasons why people might become homeless
  • Identify the barriers that might exist in accessing health care 
  • Describe the health impacts of homelessness
  • Look at maximising the effectiveness of a consultation with a patient who is experiencing homelessness


Speaker: Janet Keauffling, Specialist Nurse, Homelessness and Vulnerable Adults, SBUHB.

Facilitated by: Dr Sarah Tamplin, GP CPD Lead.

Recorded: June 2023  Duration: 40 minutes




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