All about audit

Module created February 2009 - Reviewed February 2019

Who is this resource for?

This resource is mainly designed for general practitioners wishing to undertake clinical audit. It is suitable for GPs practicing in most clinical environments including as a partner, a salaried GP, a sessional GP or working in an out of hours situation.

Where did this resource originate?

This Resource is a result of collaboration between the Primary Care Quality Information Service (National Public Health Service for Wales) and the postgraduate GP education section of Cardiff University.

What does this resource contain?

This resource has an in-depth instructional text regarding the audit process, for those familiar with the audit process there is a short summary of the process with links into this instructional text. It contains practical tips for audit, suggestions for audit projects, links to the tools necessary for audit and examples of personal audit that can be utilized by an individual whether in a practice team or working as a sessional GP.


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