Virtual Appraisal Guidance

Module created August 2020

Man LaptopWelcome to our guidance resource for Appraisers undertaking virtual appraisals.

During the coronavirus pandemic the way in which doctors interact with each other as well as patients has changed. Social distancing measures have meant that virtual meetings in general have been used far more widely than ever before. As appraisal traditionally involves a 1:1 meeting this has also had to adapt to these new circumstances. In some cases doctors may feel more comfortable having their appraisal virtually to avoid travel and unnecessary contact with others. This resource is designed to guide you through best practice when undertaking these types of appraisals.

We hope that you find this informative and useful in understanding the following topics:

  • What is a virtual appraisal
  • When it would be appropriate to have a virtual appraisal
  • What platforms/software are recommended and how to access tutorials for these
  • How to effectively prepare for a virtual appraisal
  • How to effectively conduct a virtual appraisal

This resource is managed by the Revalidation Support Unit (RSU) within Health Education and Improvement Wales and developed in August 2020. The contributors include Roger Morris, GP Appraisal Co-ordinator Cardiff, Esther Youd, Appraiser Cwm Taf Morgannwg, Katie Leighton and Miriam Davies RSU.


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