Red Flag Sepsis - Is one red flag present?
This is time critical condition, immediate action is required:
  • If appropriate* dial 999 and arrange blue light transfer
  • If available, give oxygen to keep Sa02 > 94% (88%-92% in COPD)
  • Cannulate if skills and competencies allow
  • Consider IV fluids
  • Inform next of kin
  • Ensure ambulance crew pre-alert ‘Red Flag Sepsis’


Sepsis 6 – within 1 hour

Give 3

Take 3 

  •  Oxygen to maintain Sa02 > 94%
  •  Blood Cultures
  •  IV antibiotics
  •  Lactate and FBC
  •  IV Fluid challenge
  • Measure urine output



If Red Flag not present…is there ONE Amber flag present?

Amber flag present:
  • Consider other diagnoses
  • Consider removal of cannula or catheter
  • Monitor urine output
  • Use clinical judgement and /or standard protocols
  • Give safety netting advice to carers
  • Call 999 if patient deteriorates rapidly
  • Call 111 or arrange to see GP if condition fails to improve or gradually worsens
  • Signpost to available resources as appropriate
  • Agree and document ongoing management plan (including observations frequency, planned second review)




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