Other possible scenarios

  1. The acutely ill patient
    Bill is 55 and is normally well. There is a phone call for a house visit from his wife. It is 2pm and she says “he has been in bed for 2 days with a dreadful cough and is sweating, if he tries to stand he is dizzy, he is not eating and hardly drinking".
  2. The “personal” problem
    Billy is 19 and rings and asks for an appointment with a female doctor. There are none available and the duty doctor is male. When she is asked about her problem she says “its personal”.
  3. The house bound patient with diabetes
    Bill is 80 and has diabetes. He doesn’t get out due to poor mobility. He is overdue his annual diabetic check.
  4. End of life care
    Bill is 63 and has pancreatic cancer at an advanced stage. He has recently deteriorated and has some issues with pain.
  5. Suspected cancer
    Bill is 54 and has altered bowel habits and rectal bleeding.


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