Module 1: Organisational cultures and how to influence it

In this module we will cover:

  • What makes an organisation tick?
  • Adapting your influencing approach
  • Is their management culture different to yours?
  • How do they do things around here?
  • Looking for the clues to influence your approach

Use this worksheet as you watch the videos below. 

Have you found yourself in the situation as described? Spend a few moments reflecting on what may have gone wrong – and why! 


Can you think of an organisation run with a Zeus culture? What are your observations on the strengths and weaknesses of this approach?


Can you think of a good example of an Apollo culture? – what would that organisation be good at? – reflect on the differences between the first two cultures as described.


Do you have experience in working in small teams with devolved “power”? How did that make you feel? What are the potential drawbacks of this approach?


What sort of culture do the organisations you work in have? Is organisational culture a help or a hindrance in your workplace?


What sort of changes could you make to your approach as a result of these tips?


What pitfalls do you envisage when trying to use these techniques to influence?


What are your main learning points? How will you change?


Download this presentation here


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