Interview/Exam Techniques

The following are some examples of consultations; an example of a poor consultation which was created from feedback given by clients. This highlights that clients sometimes feel that clinicians lack understanding of IPEDS and that clinicians often shut down frank and open discussions with patients by simply advising immediate cessation, which in turn can lead to missed opportunities for harm reduction and cessation when early health indicators show side-effects which might occur in tests when patients often feel well.

We include a consultation we consider to be better practice which includes, exploring or show empathy for the pressures that led to clients starting/continuing IPED use and adopting a harm reduction approach by acknowledging and addressing health concerns around usage.

We include a suggested examination video, when examining patients who use commonplace IPEDs.

Poor Consultation

Poor consultation video transcript

Good Consultation

Good consultation video transcript

Suggested Consultation

Suggested consultation video transcript




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