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EWMA Statement 5.5.d: The benefit of daily skin care programmes promotes the health of legs and reduces the risk of VLU

Once the leg ulcer has healed, it will reoccur without on-going treatment. Compression hosiery should be viewed as palliative and remains the mainstay of preventing recurrent venous leg ulceration. The patient requires lifelong medical grade compression hosiery that provides between 18-40mmHG to reduce long-term effects of venous disease. This should be assessed by a suitably trained HCP. Also, education is paramount in the long-term treatment of VLUs and this includes the benefit of exercise to enhance the calf muscle pump, daily skin care routine, limb elevation when sitting and annual monitoring from the HCP.

EWMA Statement 5.5.c: The patient should consider replacing compression hosiery every 6-12 months/per manufacturers recommendations