What is it?

Appraisal is a formative, systematic and regular review of past achievements with constructive planning of future learning needs. It is not a single event but part of a continuous process of lifelong review and planning of personal & professional development and an integral part of learning during your career.

Your Appraiser does not make a revalidation decision and an individual appraisal summary only forms part of the jigsaw to allow the Responsible Officer to make a revalidation recommendation by your revalidation date.

A common misconception is that your Appraiser must come from the same speciality or grade, this is not the case, and any trained Appraiser can appraise any Doctor. In fact many Doctors have found it to be a very beneficial experience as it provides challenge and makes them think more about their practice.

Professor Chris Jones (Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Wales) was appraised by a SAS Doctor and has written his experience here.

All appraisals in Wales are facilitated by the Revalidation Support Unit through MARS.



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