Every licensed doctor who practices medicine must revalidate. Revalidation supports you to develop your practice, drives improvements in clinical governance and gives your patients confidence that you are up to date in your learning.

You need to ensure you keep your Designated Body up to date on GMC Online (your GMC Connect account). This ensures that your Responsible Officer for Revalidation is always accurate. The GMC provide a ‘connection tool’  to assist you if you are unsure who your Designated Body is and you will need to ensure you update your connection if you move to a new employer and/or move your practice.

A revalidation recommendation is usually once every five years, however this can happen more often if your Health Board and/or GMC deem there to be a requirement to revalidate sooner.

Source: General Medical Council; Guidance for doctors: requirements for revalidation and maintaining your licence.

How do I get revalidated?

You just need to complete your annual appraisals, including the required strands of information in ‘what do I need to include?’  Your RO will have access to these appraisals on MARS and they will use this information to make a revalidation recommendation to the GMC. You will receive notification of this via email. This along with an absence of clinical governance concerns gives your RO sufficient information to make an appropriate recommendation.

Responsible Officer

There is one Responsible Officer per Designated Body who is responsible for sending revalidation recommendations to the GMC. If you require your local Responsible Officer's contact details please email



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