Health screening

Health screening 19

Breast screening is important for anyone with breasts.  All people assigned male at birth (AMAB) who use estradiol should be encouraged to take part in the national breast screening programme. People whose anatomy makes mammograms difficult or who have undergone breast augmentation surgery may require an alternative investigative method such as ultrasound evaluation but should not be excluded from the screening programme. People who have undergone bilateral mastectomy with chest reconstruction surgery do not require screening but should be encouraged to self-examine for lumps.

Non-binary people may opt for their gender marker to be changed to the neutral term ‘unspecified’ on their primary care record. In doing so, they risk missing out on all screening programs.

Cervical screening is important for anyone with a cervix, and trans people assigned female at birth (AFAB) who change their gender marker to either ‘M’ or ‘unspecified’ will be automatically excluded. There are additional barriers around attending for a cervical smear including fear of inadequate staff training and personal discomfort with an intimate examination of this kind.

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