Personal prescribing

Audit of personal prescribing

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Collect 20 consecutive consultations in which prescribing is an issue – this could be a conscious decision not to prescribe as well as issuing a prescription. Your reflections could include factors that make prescribing difficult – e.g. strong analgesia or sedatives.

Please note this example is only a five stage audit, however it should be fairly simple to convert to an eight stage audit by repeating the data collection at an interval.

Personal Prescribing Audit Template

Learning points identified from these cases

Action to be taken/changes to be made

Personal Prescribing Audit Template Example

Learning points identified from these cases

I was struck by the fact that in these 20 cases I prescribed 10 courses of antibiotics. On looking at my case notes it seems that some of these prescriptions were probably unnecessary. I know that in my own practice (in hours) that I would not have prescribed so many, it may be a case of taking the easy option. I also used benzodiazepines twice, I am far more strict in hours.

The elderly patient with D&V was inappropriately given loperamide and this was entirely down to patient pressure.

Action to be taken/changes to be made

I can see from these consultations that I am probably more easily pressurised into prescribing out of hours. I will make a conscious effort to stop this.

I will read the protocol for nebuliser use in children and their aftercare as I was not entirely sure what to do in that case.



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