Agree your appraisal summary

After the appraisal meeting has taken place, which normally lasts around 2 hours, your Appraiser will write the ‘appraisal summary’. This is normally completed in the 14 days after the meeting, once this has been done the Appraiser will ‘commit’ the summary and you will receive an email notification that the summary is available to review.

You will log in to MARS to view the appraisal summary and then you will either need to ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ the appraisal summary. If you are happy with the appraisal summary you will need to accept this, this process is irreversible so make sure you check thoroughly before doing this.

If there is a part of the summary you think needs to be changed you can ‘reject’ the summary and indicate in the notes box what you feel needs to be changed. The summary will then go back to the Appraiser to review, this will be committed to you again following this.



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