Add appraisal information

The type of information you need to include in your annual appraisal is discussed in Section 4 of this resource – ‘What do I need to include’. You will add entries to your appraisal and select which categories this should sit within, for example, CPD or Significant Event analysis. You will also need to indicate which domain the information is best suited to. The domains are;

   Domain 1 – Knowledge, Skills & Performance

   Domain 2 – Safety & Quality

   Domain 3 – Communication, Partnership & Teamwork

   Domain 4 – Maintaining Trust, Teaching, Research, Leadership & Innovation

You can also upload Supporting Evidence to MARS to support your appraisal information, for example, a certificate from the course you have attended.

You can add appraisal information up to 14 days prior to the appraisal meeting.



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