Reflective exercise

Reflect on how this module contributed to the development of your knowledge, skills and attitudes to assessing and managing patients with low back pain. It may be that this module has only confirmed your current thinking in which case you can reflect on this or if your knowledge, skills and attitudes have changed and you have identified gaps, you may wish to reflect upon this. You may want to reflect on how this module contributed to the management of low back pain and in screening and assessing risks associated with sub-optimal and ineffective management. Has your current practice changed as a consequence of your learning and do you now approach the management of low back pain differently? What aspects of your current practice have been reinforced by this module?

You may want to also consider further learning or developmental needs as a result from your study and how you intend to address these? Many references and resources have been included to continue your learning, including external links that may be useful.



To provide feedback on this module, please follow this link, you will be a taken to a short questionnaire which will take 5 minutes to complete.



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