Social issues

Leaving the Armed Forces can be a huge life event for many. The unique environment of the Services means Service personnel experience a life of hierarchical structure, camaraderie, upheaval, often with extended tours overseas and exposure to conflict. The adjustment to civilian life can create problems of its own. Many will have a stable home environment to return to, however others may have difficulty in relocating. Difficulties with housing, loss of peer support and employment may be consequent on having been in the Forces. 

The MoD provides a resettlement service to Service leavers. This is a graduated support service as the level of support offered is dependent on the time served. Early service leavers (less than 4 years service) have a limited support package. The provision of resettlement begins up to two years prior to the anticipated discharge date and is primarily aimed at helping personnel gain employment, and if appropriate using transferable skills. 

See Information for Service Leavers Although primarily aimed at employment the Career Transition Partnership also gives useful advice on housing, pensions, finance, health and education.

Those who have received a medical discharge are entitled to the full support programme regardless of length of service.

People leaving the Armed Forces are at a higher risk of homelessness than the general population Cymorth Cymru, with the support of the Welsh Government, has developed a database of homelessness services that can help people who find themselves in this position, access the support they need to re-build their lives.



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