Practice developments

If there are changes being made in the fabric or structure of the practice that affect your personal development you may wish to highlight them using this template


Nature of change Retirement of senior partner
How will this affect the practice and/or me? The senior partner is due to retire in 6 months – she has taken the lead in dealing with the practice accountancy for the past 12 years. She is also one of only 2 people in the practice currently fitting IUDs. She runs the diabetic annual reviews. Recruitment is not an issue as we have a long term locum who is going to step in but it leaves me as the only partner fitting IUDs and someone is going to need to take over both diabetic clinic and the accountancy
Personal developmental issues I have been identified as the person to take over dealing with the accountant. This concerns me slightly as I have difficulty in understanding the accounts as presented. The practice manager understands them better than I do – it’s something I will need to learn.
How I feel about impending (or complete) changes I am sorry to see my colleague retire, she has promised to fill locum posts at least for the next year or so. It does leave some problems in the practice but as we are planning well in advance it should be fairly smooth. I do not envisage being the only doctor to fit IUDs to be an issue and indeed will lead to me gaining more experience. Thank goodness it’s not me that’s going to take over diabetic care!  



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