What to consider when preparing for a virtual appraisal 


  • You should agree with the doctor being appraised which technology platform will be used and check it is available for both of you. 
  • It may be useful to arrange a time in advance of the appraisal to try out the technology and allow time to iron out any technical difficulties. 
  • Ensure you have good connection and internet speed to ensure video conferencing can be used without interruption. 
  • A computer or laptop is preferred – a phone screen will be too small to facilitate good body language communication. 
  • Use of two screens may be helpful to allow you to view MARS and the other person.
  • If using a laptop, ensure your device has plenty of battery charge ahead of the appraisal meeting, or can be connected to a mains supply.
  • Send out a meeting invitation several days before including any password and other joining instructions.

Building a rapport and establishing the meeting expectations: 

  • Discuss with the doctor how the meeting will run, setting out the expectations, for example how long it will take. This is an opportunity to begin to build rapport.
  • Agree a back-up plan if there are technical difficulties on the day. You may want to exchange telephone numbers to trouble shoot.
  • Inform the doctor being appraised that all evidence will need to be photographed or scanned and uploaded into MARS as there will not be the opportunity to view paper records.



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